Uusix-workshops are a rehabilitation unit of Helsinki city social services

There are about 300 people working in the Uusix-workshops. Half of them are in the rehabilitation program, the rest being trainees or subsidised and permanent staff. In the Uusix-workshops there are eleven workshops: ceramics and jewellery, metal, dressmaking, Painotex, bicycle, woodwork, construction, textile, IT, upholstery and recycling of building materials. The Painotex and IT workshops are directed towards young adults.


Uusix-workshops are located in Kyläsaari, in the premises of an old waste incinerator. Kyläsaari used to be an island, as its name indicates.  In 1961 a waste incinerator was built in the backfilled area. In time, it began causing severe effects on the environment: flue gas contaminated the air and ash spread in the surrounding area. A citizens movement rose to oppose the incinerator and it was closed in 1983. Five years later it's landmark, the high chimney, was demolished.

Uusix-workshops were founded on the 9th of December 1997 in the renovated premises of the old incinerator. However, already by 2001, Uusix-workshops were facing the threat of abolition. Fortunately, the act on rehabilitation work came into effect the very same year and Uusix-workshops were appointed to be one of the rehabilitation units for the city of Helsinki.

In December 2001 the first employees started in the rehabilitation program.